Tailored accounting & finance training

The partners of Cubic9 have experience of delivering courses in over 20 countries around the world. Both partners are qualified Chartered Accountants. There are numerous courses that could benefit your business and develop your staff. Courses are a combination of teaching, exercises, case studies and interactive business games. Popular courses include the following:


Funamental management accounting

Including costing methods and techniques, simple budgeting and using variances for evaluation and control


Basic book-keeping

Including the principles of double entry book-keeping and appropriate accounting policies



Budgeting and forecasting revenue, costs, profits, cash flows and the financial position


Investment appraisal

Techniques for project analysis including identifying relevant cashflows and discounting techniques using the appropriate cost of capital


International Financial reporting Standards

Interpretation and examples of dealing with IFRS (This course can cover all IFRS in summary or concentrate on a small number of IFRS but in great detail)


Understaning Financial Statements

Using technques such as ratio analysis to paint a picture and understand the performance of organisations



Understanding the operation of derivatives (such as interest rate, foreign currency and commodity futures and options) and how to account for them under IFRS


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